Sukanto Tanoto is a dynamic personality, visionary and pioneer in a number of industries in Indonesia. He established RGE (formerly known as RGM) in 1973. He set up RGM to enter the plywood business, transforming Indonesia from an exporter of raw materials (logs) to a value-added processor. Sukanto Tanoto is also active in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Philanthropy. RGE believes that good corporate governance is essential for a company to be successful and sustainable.
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Mr. Sukanto Tanoto is the cofounder of Tanoto Foundation with his wife, Tinah Bingei, taking care of the native communities they operate in. Through the foundation, they have given varied scholarships to enable needy students to get a quality education that amendment their whole lives. Despite the uncounted ongoing business activities that appear to fill up Sukanto Tanoto’s schedule, he never fails to free up some time to share his experiences with these scholars. There are many activities specially designed for these scholars such as a meet and greet session. Sukanto Tanoto will use these pr
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