Google hangout not only allows you to connect with Gmail account holders but also to share images with them and can do video calling , you can view some of its benefits on this link and get a brief idea about how hangout works and how can you use it fo a different purpose.
There is many problem that can cause the abnormal behavior of yahoo emails. This could happen because of wrong password, Wrong connection, and configuration. For more info, One can take help from yahoo Tech Experts.
Many of the users are accessing Gmail and Yahoo and some users want their mail account into one. The issue of Yahoo mail to transfer into Gmail Account. Get help!!
Gmail is widely accepted mail service which allows different new feature every time upgraded with the latest functionalities .
In some cases the Yahoo users unable to access their Yahoo mail account and wants to see their Yahoo messages on the Gmail then the user can set enable to auto forward option to the Yahoo mail account. Further any issue can go through Yahoo Tech Support Phone Number.
If you are not receiving emails in your inbox then there is a possibility that you have not given access to the particular authority. You can visit the link to know the details.
Facebook friend request block when facebook thinks you are sending the friend request to the people you don't know. Here you will know how to fix it. People use to send more than a 100 friend request which is gainst the policy of facebook and they got a ban.
Yahoo is one of the best search engines which provides lots and lots of features to the users including web portals, directories etc. One can find a reason of delays of the message in the account for that you have to check the full details of the Email header. The problems can be fixed by discussing with the Yahoo Customer Service.